Passionate planning, smart building

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Developer
With 30+ years of experience in real estate development and construction

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Contact-Invest is a family-owned company that invests its capital in projects and uses the know-how to create a global real estate investments company, with exceptional partnerships that we all can be proud of.

The history of our family business accounts 30 years of real estate experience in Ukraine. Our partnerships always bring added value, combining deep operational knowledge and experience.

We have a professional team united around common values and principles. Along with creating real estate that sets trends, our dedicated team strives to improve the quality of life of the community.

An open approach, professional analysis based on forecasts and facts, faith in what we do, a firm attitude to the quality and successful implementation of the project – the features of our character.

Owner and CEO
Yevgen Chernetskyy
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Kyiv, Ukraine is our core market. We love Kyiv and we love Ukraine.
Our experience includes over 3000 residential units developed since 1993.

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We have fresh international experience. First project completed 2019 in Vienna suburb. 2 projects being done in the US.

Most of our project have different partners united around common values and goals. We truly believe in teamwork and synergies.

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Office 1
UKRAINE, Kyiv, “IQ Business Center ”, floor 8
Office 2
UKRAINE, Kyiv, st. Solomyanska, 20а, Office 1007